Sharing economy

Consumers must enjoy the same protections when buying or hiring goods or services through a sharing platform as with more traditional platforms. That is why it is important for traders in this new industry to follow the rules on consumer protection in the Marketing Control Act.

Sharing economy

What is our role?

Important to know


If you sell products or services to consumers, you must follow the rules in the Marketing Control Act. Both those who are in charge of the sharing platform itself and those who sell goods and services or offer products for rent can be defined as traders, and are responsible for following the law.

Make sure the following are in place:

Price information

Do you sell goods or services? Our guidelines on price marketing tell you how you can prevent consumers from being misled.

User reviews

Do you allow user reviews on your platform? Read our guidelines on user reviews in marketing (short version or long version). Read more about our supervision of online user reviews.

Marketing in social media

Do you promote your services or goods in social media? The Norwegian Consumer Authority has made guidelines for labelling advertisements in social media. We have also participated in drafting a Nordic position on convert marketing.

Did you know?

  • 68 percent believe that the sharing economy is economically beneficial for consumers.
(Source: SIFO 2016 - Delingsøkonomien i Norge)