A large part of the Consumer Ombudsman's work involves in preparation of guidelines for good marketing practices in different sectors and fields.

The guidelines consist of both information about the existing legal framework, the Consumer Ombudsman’s interpretation of this framework and how traders can act within the frames of legal marketing.

The guidelines are in some cases prepared in cooperation with businesses and the sectors they aim to regulate. The guidelines are in themselves not legally binding, however they are meant to be an expression of applicable law and code of conduct.

Some of our guidelines are available in English. You will find them here. Please contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.


Arendalsuka 2019 – Kroppspress i sosiale medier

Forbrukertilsynet arrangerer debatt om kroppspress i sosiale medier sammen med Medietilsynet og Barneombudet på Arendalsuka i år! Med oss har vi flere viktige og interessante stemmer. Hold av tidspunktet!