Financial services

The Consumer Authority handles issues concerning payment services, loans, credit, car leasing and savings accounts.

What is our role?

  • We seek to promote terms that are reasonable, appropriate, adapted to the consumer, and presented in an understandable manner.
  • We supervise the marketing of financial services to ensure that advertisements do not mislead consumers. The marketing must contain clear information about important features, such as credit charges and the risk associated with savings products.
  • We ensure that new products and services are legal and do not weaken consumer protections. We negotiate with trade associations and individual traders on standard contracts.

Important to know:

  • Marketing of credit

    When traders market credit, there are a number of information points they are obligated to provide, regardless of the channel in which the products are marketed.

  • Marketing of car leases

    The Consumer Authority has developed a pricing example with important information about the costs of a lease. This information must be given in all advertisements for car leasing that mention price. The pricing example has been developed in cooperation with the industry.

  • New payment solutions

    Mobile payments and other new payment solutions must be just as safe as paying with traditional payment cards. The Consumer Authority supervises new services and actors.

  • Marketing of savings products

    Commercials for savings products must contain a realistic earnings prognosis, as well as the risk of loss, where relevant. The Consumer Authority works to ensure that all necessary information is included in the marketing of savings products.



Forbrukertilsynet advarer mot kryptovaluta

Finanstilsynet er, sammen med flere europeiske finanstilsyn, nå ute med nok en advarsel mot kryptovaluta. Forbrukertilsynet deler finansmyndighetenes bekymring.