Consumer legislation places strict requirements on online retailers. It is important that these requirements are followed so that consumers can easily and safely purchase goods over the Internet.

What is our role?

  • We ensure that traders follow the Cancellation Act and the Marketing Control Act.
  • We provide information and guidance concerning the E-Commerce Act.
  • We inform consumers to prevent them from online fraud.

Important to know:

  • Informational requirements

    The trader shall give the consumer a wide range of information before and after the purchase is completed.

  • Subscription traps

    Some traders offer a trial package that turns out to be both costly and difficult to cancel. This is known as a subscription trap. According to the law, it must be clear to the consumer that he or she is signing up for a subscription, not a one-time purchase

  • Unreliable online shops and fake name brand goods

    Advertisements for fake name brand goods are all over the Internet, especially on social media. If you know what to look for, you will be able to recognise unreliable online stores.

Did you know?

  • The Norwegian Consumer Authority has issued standard sales conditions for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet that you can use in your business.

Krever enklere oppsigelse av abonnementer

Forbrukertilsynet mottar jevnlig klager fra forbrukere som opplever at det er vanskelig, eller umulig å si opp abonnement på blant annet helsekost, bøker og magasiner. Tilsynet har derfor blant annet stilt krav om at det skal være like lett å si opp en avtale som å inngå den.