Complaints and conflicts

Marketing and contract terms

The Consumer Authority supervises marketing and contract terms and enforces consumer protection laws. If you have been the target of unlawful marketing practices or problematic conract terms, you can lodge a complaint with the Consumer Authority via this form.

The Consumer Authority cannot process every complaint we recieve, but the complaints make up the basis for deciding wich cases we raise with businesses and traders.


Do you have a problem with a product or service you have bought from a trader, or from another consumer? Are you involved in a conflict with at trader or consumer?

The Consumer Authority can mediate in disputes between consumers and businesses. Use the forms below to refer a case to us and send us relevant information.

Refer a case for mediation

The arbitration form is available here.

Proxy statement

If you wish to give another person the right to represent you by proxy, you must fill out this form. Print the form and sign it by hand. Send it to the Consumer Authorities by mail, or scan and send by e-mail.

Send additional information in an existing case

If you already have an open case with us, you can use this form to send documents and other additional information relevant to the case.

Give us a tip

If you have experienced marketing or contract terms you think we should look into? Send us a tip by e-mail to tips@forbrukertilsynet. no.

Your input will, together with the other inquiries we receive, constitute an important basis for our future work.

Tips will not be registered as cases, and your name will not be made public unless you agree to it.

Tips are normally not answered.