11. juli 2019

Airbnb changes their practice and terms and conditions

After pressure from the Consumer Authority, Airbnb now changes the way it presents prices. The rental platform will also make several improvements to its contract terms and conditions, and will make it easier to see if you rent a home from a private person or business owner.

Denne artikkelen er over 1 år gammel.

Last year The Consumer Authority initiated a collaboration with other European consumer authorities to get Airbnb to make a number of changes on its rental platform. Now, Airbnb has made several improvements to the benefit of consumers.

– It is very satisfying for consumers here in Norway and the rest of Europe that Airbnb changes its practice, says Elisabeth Lier Haugseth, director of the Consumer Authority.

– This will make it easier to see how much you pay when using Airbnb and to see who actually owns the property.

– It is not very pleasant to bring your family on a long-awaited holiday and then get an unexpected extra bill for the Airbnb apartment you just rented. It affects both your vacation in itself and your wallet. I am happy that Airbnb are now making changes. That will benefit the Norwegian consumers as it is now summer and it is high season for renting, says Minister for Consumer affairs Kjell Ingolf Ropstad. He praises the Norwegian Consumer Authority for taking the initiative to overcome this problem.

More information

Airbnb has committed to several improvements. These are:

Changes in contracts terms and conditions

Airbnb has also committed to changing its terms and conditions on several points. These changes include:

– The Norwegian Consumer Authority has extensive experience in managing processes where we have made international companies change practices in favor of consumers in Norway and other countries. This work is very important for us, says Elisabeth Lier Haugseth.

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