Send us a complaint

The Consumer Authority can mediate disputes between consumers and businesses. You can send your complaint here.


The Consumer Authority can mediate in disputes between consumers and businesses. The arbitration form is available here.

If you wish to give another person the right to represent you by proxy, you must fill out and print this form.

Marketing and contract terms

The Consumer Authority supervises marketing and contract terms and seeks to exert influence on traders to observe the regulatory framework.

Have you come across marketing or contract terms you think we should look into? Send us a tip on issues you have experienced yourself or give us input on cases or problems you think we should work with.

Your input will, together with the other inquiries we receive, constitute an important basis for our future work.

Tips will not be registered as cases, and your name will not be made public unless you agree to it.

Tips are normally not answered.

You can send your tip using the contact form below, or by email or mail.

Mail: Forbrukertilsynet, PO Box 2862 Kjørbekk, 3702 Skien
Email: tips@forbrukertilsynet. no


Tips to The Consumer Ombudsman

  • Evt. vedlegg

En nødvendig forbedring av forbrukervernet

I høringsuttalelsen til moderniseringsdirektivet skriver Forbrukertilsynet at direktivet innebærer en nødvendig forbedring og oppdatering av forbrukervernet. Tilsynet har også flere merknader til regjeringens forslag til gjennomføring av direktivet.